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Crunch Tech Scam Review

Crunch Tech Scam Review


Hello everyone, I wanted to do a review for Crunch Tech To find out if it is a scam or not, as one of my subscribers asked me to, so I will.

So first of all the website looks clean and presentable, and you can stop and start the video at will which is great instead of being obnoxious and not allowing you any room to breathe.

we have a white and green theme which gives a really nice contrast so its all nice and easy to read and see.

They say they have a team of analysts to check the data to help you place trades, and all in all what is being said on the website looks quite good,

there are no dodgy logo’s around the site giving the impression they are affiliated with someone they aren’t.


Which is always nice to see, and I must say from just the look of the website it is making me want to give it a go.

But let us take a look at some other facts before we rush in. it says you can earn $89 per hour on auto pilot all day which is a decent number if I am honest, you get others that promise to give you hundreds of thousands and dont deliver anything. so it is refreshing to see something that is offering a reasonable amount that can be achieved using this software.

it also says they accept users world wide which is cool, so its nice to see you can use it where ever you are, as it was starting to get a bit tedious trying to find software that was available world wide due to alot of regulation and restriction being put in place by various governments around the world, so it is nice for sure.

It also says this at the bottom of the page “Crunch Tech is the ONLY Full-Service Converged Trading Software in the World!” What does this mean exactly? Well basically what it means is that the software is ever evolving and being developed on, and their end goal meets your end goal, so your trading and their service converges at the right place to make sure everyone is getting what they need from this app.

So it is also nice to see that a software provider has your interests at heart, or so it says on the website, we will have to look at this further to find out more about what’s happening with it.

If you want to try Crunch Tech Check out the links below.


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Thanks for checking out my review and if you want to get in touch then email me at and I will get back to you when I can.

Thanks very much again.




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