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10 Day Social Profits Scam Review

10 Day Social Profits Scam Review


Hello everyone,

I am going to do another review of a piece of a software called 10 Day Social Profits.

We are going to find out if it is a scam or if it is another software to add to our collection.

First impressions of the software and I can already see this is promising as it is a very original and nice looking UI,

It is very clean and presentable with basic controls with a trend indicator in the middle, and various assets and pairs etc at the bottom ready to be traded on.

it also has this unique trend indicator that when you place a trade a little ball appears on the screen to show your strike rate and the line moves toward the circle, as long as you have made the right decision on your trade the indicator will move toward that point, and it plays out a little like a game of snake from the old nokia’s which is pretty cool.

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It also has the assets at the bottom of the screen letting you know whats hot and not so that you can trade, with little chilli pepper icons to let you know if its a hot asset.

10 day social profit review

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There is no auto trading option, so its completely manual.



I found it very fun to see this on a trend indicator, it made looking at charts a little more interesting, the software also uses the 60 second trading format,

It is very fast but very fun, and it is also very accurate,

Ive never seen a 60 second trader as fast as this.

It looks great, and runs very well.

Especially with its Nokia Snake style of trend indicator.

Its actually very fun to watch the indicator move from one side of the screen to another.

10 day social profit scam

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I highly recommend it, and it is also a great alternative for the folks in the USA who cant use Option Robot.

I deposited good starting balance of 1000 euro, because it is 60 second trading and I wanted to give myself a good buffer,

With in a few hours of trading I got that up to a very respectable 2000 euros with very little effort.

So I think we have another great piece of software for our trading tool kit guys!

Give it a go and let me know your results.

If your looking for something else to fit your style of trading then may I recommend Social Tech Trader, Or Option Robot, or even perhaps Trend Xpert.

all very powerful tried and tested solid software for trading binary options.

The links for all of these systems are available here.

I must admit also I haven’t seen a great software like this i a while, I may even end using it as my main source of income!

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But if you are looking for a fast action packed binary options trading software then 10 Day Social Trader is the one, most definately.

Give it a go today and let us know your results.

Thank you to everyone for reading and trying out the software.

I wish you all the very best in your binary options adventure.








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