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300 Millionaire Scam Review

300 Millionaire Scam Review

Good morning everyone, or afternoon depending on where you are from!

Today I am going to do a review of the 300 Millionaire Website and App, At first glance the website is very bright but also very cluttered. alot of text and the usual crap we see on this type of website, and some Johnny Knoxville wannabe at the start of the video also. it says on the top that people earn more than $2000 per day and that participating in the project will generate potentially $12 476 per day, I am not sure if yet if it is software they are pushing or some sort of signals service, but we will explore that in a moment.

300 Millionaire scam

it says that 300 people will get access, but I am sure that is a lie, If it is indeed a scam, they will keep their doors open to thousands of people to take their money from them, They have a support email address but i doubt anyone replies to it,

And at the bottom of the page they have testimonials of people leaving their jobs because of this project etc, so if these are real then fantastic, but my experience of things like this is they usually aren’t real, apologies for being a sceptic on this but most things like this usually are a scam.


Ive put in my email to get access to the software to take a look, and that has taken me to another page with more information trying to sell me the software. I filled out the required information, but they have been clever, I think because of people like me pulling their scams apart they are starting to  cover up the crap they are selling, because it will not let me see anything to do with the software without first depositing with a random broker ive not seen before, this really does stink of scam, and I would think you would do yourself a favour and avoid this piece of crap website and the software they are trying to sell.

300 millionaire app

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, if you are looking for a great piece of software to use then there are plenty about,

The ones I have tested thus far are Trend Xpert, 10 Day Social Profits, NEO2, Option Robot, Social Tech Trader, and Each one of these apps performs amazingly, I use Trend Xpert alot and it is my main trading app, but I have tested them all and they all do what is required, if you want to give any of them a go then the links for them are below.

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Thank you very much for checking out my blog, I hope you all have a fantastic day, and continue to produce amazing profits,

Also avoid these scams, especially this one, I have tried some of them in the past and they have only taken my money and not given any decent results.

Thanks very much for watching, Catch ya laters




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