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Alive in 5 Scam Review

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Alive in 5 Scam Review

Alive In 5 Scam Review, Is it a good bit of software or is it any good.

Well to start off with the website is annoying and you cant pause or stop the video, and it even makes you want to vomit a bit so thats not a good start, but wait.. arent they all like that,

Well yes to a degree they are, and if you have read any of my other reviews then you will know that despite the fact that some of these websites have awful looks to them and awful videos with awful actors, reviewing the website is only the tip of the ice berg, in reality the proof is in the pudding, and its the software that matters.

And realistically we need to take a look at the software to get a more comprehensive view.

But for now I will laugh at their silly antics and funny videos, because it brightens my day and takes away from how boring binary options, lets face it.. numbers, charts and graphs, if you enjoy that you probably wear an annorak too.

alive in 5 scam review app

Get out side without the annorak and enjoy life a bit.

But I digress.

The website and its video are absolute dogshit.

And suspect the software may also be excriment, but let us disect everything else first.

Number one, Cant pause or stop video super annoying, especially if you forget to turn down the sound in your headset whilst listening to iron maiden like me….. RIP headphones.

Also on top of that, there is this whole sense of urgency with signing up like you have to do it immediately or you will explode or somthing.

Also why say its only available to people in the UK and then continue to use all US Actors and Dollars…

This makes no sense to me.

Anyway, I put in my details and guess what.

Alive In 5 scam Review

Another video and landing page.. oh the joys.

The second video is quite funny also but you will see that in my video review.

On top of that once you have signed up the anticipation of getting the software is getting to much, you finally get in and…..


Its another cloned software….

I am going to sit in the corner and weep now,

But before I do, I must point out to you that there are several software that still perform amazingly, and they are 10 Day Social Profits, Option Robot, Trend Xpert and Social Tech Trader.

if you want to check those out the links are below, and if you want more info on them have a browse around my site, there are reviews for all of them and how much I made with them.

So thanks for reading, I am going to go and try and maintain my dignity and not cry at the fact there is another rip off out there.

And pull myself together and make some money with real software.

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Thanks again.

Catch ya laters.




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