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Alpha Money Generator Scam Review

Alpha Money Generator Scam Review


Hello everyone.

Todays Review is for the Alpha Money Generator!

I wont start with the video, I have something to say about that in a minute, and we dont jump right into the crescendo we build it up slowly so as to keep your attention! ha.

The website looks like someone accidentally swallowed a Binary Options Scam and a Swiss Army knife and threw up on the internet.

And I don’t mean its “Sick” or “Sharp” I mean its Shit..

It has the Swiss flag all over it, but in all honesty it has fuck all to do with Switzerland.

They claim on the website that they know how the Swiss Banks acquire and keep their clients.

I always thought that was quite simple to be honest. they keep their clients by not losing their money?

and offering unbeatable rates of interest and being a millionaires tax haven?

minor details of course.


it has a Logo of a Bird of Prey of some sort, im not so sure which but im not a birdwatcher. well not the feathered kind anyway.

And the Tag line “Swoop down on where real profits are generated”

They are really trying hard on this one.

The colour scheme on the website has a nice contrast of colours so it is nice and easy on the eye at least, it is a bit busy though cluttered up with fake reviews and testimonials from so called traders.

But I am willing to bed most of these guys are paid actors.

Speaking of paid actors, I mentioned I would talk about the video.

I did not even have to start playing the video and there is a paid actor right on the front freeze frame.

This guy is on alot of binary options videos.

A serious amount of them.


He is Daren Stevens from

He is a British video actor for hire, and he has been in many binary options videos.

I just wanted to point that out if anyone was believing it.

As I have said before alot of software providers do use paid actors to sell their product.

Probably because the people that made it dont really know how to effectively sell their product.

which is fine by me.

But I just want to make sure that people know that not everything is always as it seems and you should always do your homework!



The rest of the website is as stated above. and I have no intention of trying this software at all!

If you are looking for a system or software that works then sign up for one of my approved software below

And then email me at and let me know and I will then email you with links on how to join the upcoming webinars.


Thank you for reading my blog.

Please dont forget to comment and get in touch.


Trade safe.

And catch ya later.




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