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Apple Stock Robot Scam Review

Apple Stock Robot, What a SCAM!!! Nice Design Though,

Hello Guys, My name is Seb and today I will be reviewing a NEW Binary options software called The Apple Stock Robot, this is our Apple Stock Robot Scam Review. This software is presented by a man named Gunner Errickson. I am going to give you all a major insight right now… his name is actually Pete Ace from … Not a good start. Apple Stock Robot not having a good start!! Apple Stock Robot look below..Voice overpete


Now at first glance it actually seems to be a really nice and planned out piece of software with everything in order and aliment. But then you come across everything that is trying to trick you into thinking it is a legitimate software. For example, it will lead you into the fact that it contains all official logos of company’s like:

  • Apple Logo, with the bite out of the apple, which is located half way down the page.
  • Samsung Logo
  • HTC
  • SONY
  • Blackberry
  • Google
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Lenovo
  • Pandora
  • Sandisk
  • Cirrus Logic
  • comApple stock robot

All of these have been taken to Rank higher in Google and also to makethe site more believable. I will be honest it does look very convincing, with the fact that a majority of these companies can actually be traded with when trading in binary options.


Now when you try to leave the channel it presents you with a “STOP, WAIT” video, where our friend Gunner Errickson, tells us that we are stupid for walking away from this amazing opportunity, and that he is going to show us how we can make thousands in a couple of weeks. So he shows us that he deposits $800 into his given broker, and then says in 3 weeks we will see an update, the video skips a supposedly 3 weeks and we see it generate 14000+… And I am going to say now, that it is utter false, due to the face that he said he deposited $800, and made exactly $14,200… But we can clearly see that it says $42,000.

FAKE testimonial right there. Then there are the other testimonials, which I do not even think clarify as testimonials, as it could just be the lonesome creator of this software adding these in, there are no faces, no videos and only their nationality. Very convincing right there….. Not!

Upon entering your details, you end up at another video page, where it asks for your name and email. Then we have more testimonials, this time with some faces, but upon searching for these faces in the Google Images box, they all get redirected to a site called “Shutterstock”, the world’s largest royalty-free image, video, and music marketplace. Please watch my review video to learn more…

The reality is with a piece of software like this, is that it is trying to provide you with false hope. What they should have done to convince me, and you the public, is to remember how much you supposedly won, and not a sum that’s $30.000 more. And also allow us to watch the trades come in and not just skip a couple of weeks. Anyone can do that.

It is a big shame as I thought this product would be something new.

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Trade Safe! Apple Stock Robot

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