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Bayesian Binary Scam Review



Hello everyone,


I hope you are all doing well this fine winters day.

I thought I would do a review on Bayesian Binary,

This one caught my eye because with binary reliant on so many mathematical aspects. I thought taking a Bayesian approach was interesting.

I personally do not think Bayesian Theory of probability can be applied to Binary options to the point where you can get a decent enough outcome simply because there isn’t enough evidence or information to take into consideration to input into a Bayesian equation.

See when you work things out using Bayes Probability you must know all of the starting variables.

But you also need to add information that is available to be able to accurately predict the future outcomes.

As time goes on, the prediction gets harder and harder to make because of the ever increasing amount of variables that follow.

You may as well be using a martin gale system to trade, and that’s a horrifying idea. unless you want to lose your money fast!


So putting that aside and agreeing at this point using Bayes theorem is a bad idea with binary options,

Lets take a look at the website.

bayes2The website looks nice and clean with the video presented in the middle with a button below saying “Let’s get started…”

The video is well put together with some reviews in there also,

However I think the reviews are from paid actors, most likely from, but I dont have the time to go hunting at the moment.

There is also an appearance from a Muppet in the video, so look out for that.

Then the gentlemen starts talking about how hopeless his life was until he found this amazing new system.

Same old stuff basically.


I am not going to be trying the software this time simply because I want to make sure I have everything in the right place for Thursday.

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Thanks all

Trade Safe.




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