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Be The Millionaire Scam Review

Be The Millionaire Scam Review

Hello everyone,

I am going to review yet another awful looking binary options scam bot, Be the Millionaire Website looks absolutely terrible, and couldn’t look anymore scam like unless they had called it Be the scam victim.

The website is mostly black with some yellows and reds, but mostly Black. with the video at the top centre,

Be The Millionaire Review

It also has this really annoying popup that says STOP every time you click on something that might suggest you are trying to leave the page which I absolutely fucking hate.

It also has written on it how much you could earn using their so called AutoPilot Software, Claiming you need no experience or hard work.

But in some ways that’s actually quite accurate, it doesn’t take hard work or experience to be ripped off.

The banners and buttons on the website are from some pack of ready made logo’s and buttons, as we have seen them countless times on other websites like this.

Be the Millionaire Scam Review

Like so many others it also says that it is 100% free and no credit card required etc. of course they are.

Which we should all know by now wont be needed with any of these robots simply because they expect you to deposit anyway.

At the base of the page it says Millionaire Bot, so at this point I am not sure if it is “Be The Millionaire” Millionaire Bot” or what. but it doesn’t matter, I wont be filling out their forms to try this software, it just yells scam at me,

So for that reason I will avoid this one, and I suggest that you avoid it too.

Because it is Scientifically proven that if you try this software one or more of the following will happen if you do,

  • Your Penis Will Drop off
  • You will get Aids
  • You will be attacked by a plague of locusts
  • A zombie hoard will attack your home and eat you
  • Your wife will turn into a ladyboy

So the risk is yours.

I wouldn’t take that risk personally.

But what I would recommend instead is the crème da la crème of binary Options software, and they would be the following.

Trend Xpert

Social Tech Trader

I have tried and tested both of these products and I can safely say that they work very well, and trend Xpert has served me well, it is predecessor of OptionBot 2.0 and has been a much needed addition to the world of binary options, providing charts, signals, SMS signals and much more.

Be The Millionaire Scam

It is in my opinion the best option available if you are looking for a robust robot.

But dont just take my word for it, try it yourself and see the results first hand.

Thank you all very much for reading my blog, and I wish you all the very best of luck and success with binary options,

But make sure you check back on a regular basis for updates on software, and scam alerts and the such.

Trust in trusted Binary Options

Thanks again.






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