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BinaDroid Scam Review

BinaDroid Scam Review


Hello everyone,

I am going to now take a look at a very interesting bit of software called BinaDroid, we are going to see if this is a scam or if it is a decent bit of software to add to our toolkit.

The website isn’t much to shout home about, if anything its just like the last one I tested, and that wasn’t that great, and ended up being labelled a scam, so not a good start on that one,

I watched the video for a little while, and got very bored very quickly.

So I wouldn’t dwell on that for too long, you may end up wanting to hurt bunnies or something.


I signed up and logged in with the software, And the UI was surprisingly very different from what we have gotten accustomed to,

I was expecting another clone, but not at all, this is completely original, and very pleasing to see.

Its put an original spin on opening positions, it asks you if you want to use one Droid or two which is interesting to see.

And also how much you want to trade with of course.

And the good thing about this software is that it is both a manual and Auto Trader software.

Which is awesome for those people looking for something automated, but at least with this automated system you can also take control at any point if you wanted to which is fantastic.

Going back to the UI and I am very happy with it, its clean, its modern and its fun. it makes trading a little less boring which is great.

The BinaDroid charts along side the High or Low buttons are clear and easy to read also, giving a little added piece of mind when trading.

You also get to pick what you trade on and has a nifty drop down menu to select the time scales in which to trade.


Which makes a world of difference, you aren’t being ring fenced into trying things you dont want to which is great.

I will be testing this software over a period of time, to check to see if the software preforms well, which I hope it will, so I will start with an initial balance of 500 to start with to see what sort of returns I can make with that.

So stay tuned to this blog for up coming results.

For now though, if you want to see some results fast,

Then check out the following software.

All three of these I have personally tried and tested, and they continue to keep the money rolling in,

I could hope for a better group of software.


Check them out today, and let me know what you think!

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10 Day Social Profits, is one I am still testing currently, but it is performing very well.

Option robot, like 10 day social profits, is still being tested, but is also working quite well.

Trend Xpert is a tried and tested and brilliant peice of software, and I would reccomend that as a first choice.

And my best current software is Social Tech Trader.


So keep at it folks,


Catch ya laters.



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