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Binary Freedom Formula Scam Review

Binary Freedom Formula Scam Review


Hello everyone,

A subscriber has asked me to review a piece of software called Binary Freedom Formula.

Being hailed as a “Set and Forget” software it is essentially an Auto Trader, that would you deposit, select your favoured settings and just let it run.

At first Glance I do not think this is going to be a system we will try, and below I will explain why.

Binary Freedom Formula App Scam


Essentially, first glance at the website and things do not look promising at all, It looks very similar to some scams I have already debunked in the past.

Which really does make me wonder if the same people that set those ones up, set these ones up also.

Or perhaps simply rebranded a failed software that was “outed” as a scam previously.

I will review the video properly in my own video when I get back from my business trip next week.

So for now I will just focus on the website and the things that leap out at me and make me think that this is indeed a scam.


Binary Freedom Forumla Software Scam

First thing that jumps out is the “Limited Spaces Available”

I really do not think for one minute that an app such as this would have limited spaces unless it was being controlled by people that were trading your money for you. and I really do not think that anyone is controlling this app at all.

I think it is more likely that these people will essentially have people Deposit a certain amount of money into it, and when they hit the button to let it trade it will then trade the money away into oblivion.

Some people will be enticed to sign up through the software and deposit, And those people will most likely lose their money and that will be that.


I do not think people should be put off by these things, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel,

how does he know this I ask?

Quite simply because I review as many binary options apps and systems as I possibly can within reason, and I suggest that people do not use the ones I suspect of being scams.

And I suggest people use the ones I have personally tried and tested and confirmed that they work.

So you may ask yourself at this point, why should I trust you in the sea of reviewers and scams etc.

Simply because when you sign up with one of the apps I recommend, Send me an Email at

And I will then send you out links for My weekly webinars that are very fun and very insightful.

Many people that have come on my webinars have ended up making alot of money and most of them still attend the webinars every single week to make sure they are up to date on what is happening in the world of binary options,

So yes, you will have free for life webinars and trading sessions with me, if you sign up through one of my links to a software of your choice.

At the moment, I would recommend any of the following.

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