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Binary Interceptor Scam Review

Binary Interceptor Scam Review

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to review Binary Interceptor to ascertain if it is a scam or another software to add to our trading toolkit!

Let us take a look at the website first of all.

first impressions of the website, it looks quite sleek, and modern looking at first glance, but all of that starts to fall away as we look further into it, with all the logos and trying to hard to look like a decent website, saying we are secured by Mcafee and the likes.

I will get to the video in my video review of the product, but for now we will stick to what we can see on the surface.

It is asking why are the top binary options traders using Binary Interceptor.

Binary Interceptor Scam

We I consider myself to be a successful trader and I certainly do not use Binary Interceptor, in fact the first time I heard about it was in a spam email the other day.

I would have thought I would have heard about it well before then if it had any real substance to it, but never mind.

There are stickers all over it claiming to be endorsed by all sorts.

And then there is a little glimpse into the software on a picture on the website, and I am sorry to report yet another clone software.

Identical to the likes of Dow Jones, and Virtnext!

So there we have it, not alot of point in trying or signing up for this one, they are just ripping off someone elses product and trying to sell it as their own for a quick buck.

But there isn’t anything new there is there, this happens alot in the world of binary options.

binary interceptor review

anyway, I think it is safe at this point to assume that we will not be testing this software, and we wont be adding it to our tool kit.

But what can you use instead I hear you ask.

Well there are a few options around and I have personally tried and tested each one of these to ensure there is something for everyone’s style of trading.

Check out each one of the following below.

This might be your key to a better future.

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So we have alot more work ahead of us, more scams to expose, more software to test, and more money to make,

Which is my favourite part, naturally.

binary interceptor legit

I would like to thank everyone for reading, and I wish you all the very best with your trading endeavours.

Thanks again.


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