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Brit Method Scam Review

Hello everyone,

I am doing a review of the aussie… er Brit Method.

I almost said Aussie Method because its actually exactly the same but rebranded as the Brit method.

Its absolute rubbish, the site however looks clean and professional, but I swear the actors get worse and worse every video I watch, Either that or I am getting desensitised by it all,

I have no idea.

Either way its all still crap.

I wont be depositing into this system, I wont be trying it, its so obviously a pile of dog shit that there is no point.

However it is my job to call out the scams, and to promote the ones I deem to be good.

So what have we learned with this new scam, Have they tried to change the way they draw you in,

No, have they pulled an off the shelf software, at first glance no, it seems to be original, although I am willing to bet there is a similar software out there.

But to recap, this is a complete rip off of the Aussie method.

Its an auto trader that is probably designed to take your money down to 0 overnight.

So in essence, avoid.

However its not all doom and gloom here at the TBO factory,

This Thursday we are doing a first community trading session live.

Want to join in?

You will need to sign up and fund with either XE Trader or Virtnext,

You dont have to do both, one will do.

XE trader is a good one simply because you can choose your broker of your liking, which is awesome.

so once you have done that keep an eye out and I will post a video tomorrow telling you all how you can join in on that.


Also thanks for 200 subscribers on my youtube channel.

Make sure you all stay awesome.

Trade safe.


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