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Channel Ranger Scam Review

Channel Ranger Scam Review

Hello Everyone,

Today I review Channel Ranger.

First of all lets talk about the website.

It is clean and tidy, no stupid fake reviews or facebook reviews that are setup.

No stupid countdown timer, so that’s much better and clean.

So the video. how was that.. well erm a little explicit actually.

The guy in the video is Obsessed with Balls!


He could not stop talking about bouncing his balls, for the full half an hour I was watching the vide (And it still carried on for much longer than that by the way)

All he spoke about was balls and hand actions and repetitive hand actions!

I think this guy has some frustration he needs to release!

The acting was awful, but we have come to expect that over time. and the acted reviews in the video were just as awful.

He is saying that you can make $6k to $11K per week, which is not impossible, but It definately is with this awful software.

Allow me to explain.

I signed up and logged in to the software to check it out and it did not work, I couldn’t sign up with a broker, I could do nothing at all it kept locking up on me.

I tried a different browser and still it wouldn’t work quite right.

Then my anti virus kept on throwing up warnings telling me the site was trying to pull me away to another site etc.

So I decided that I wasn’t going to carry on with the sign up process.


So to recap, I dont think you will make money with the software, its not working properly. I cant confirm if it is unsafe or not, but my PC certainly did not think so.

And the time and effort it took to watch the video to get an understanding of the system was utterly pointless.

I could go on forever as to why I think the Channel Ranger software is one to avoid.

But take my word for it, It is one to avoid.

There are plenty of good working softwares and systems out there for the world of binary options.

Such as XE Trader or Virtnext, for which there are reviews for on this site.

Thanks for checking out my review today and I hope you all do well

Trade Safe




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