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Citidel App Scam Review

citadel scam
Citadel App Skills

Citidel App Scam Review


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Hello all, I trust you are all doing well.

I am away from my usual spot today in Sunny Spain.

But alas it isn’t all fun and games, One still has to work.

So whilst I am here I decided I would carry on with my reviews for you all.

Whilst providing some updates on some really cool stuff.

One of them is this new Website that has come to my attention.

Citadel Ltd.

Citidel Scam
Citidel Scam App

Citidel Ltd website looks very sleek, and I love the look of it for the same reasons I loved the ultimate4trading website.

It is very modern, very flashy.

Even with the animations and sleek look its still fast and accessible for most if not all platforms such as mobile and mac etc.

We have the video at the top of the page explaining a bit about the company (Citidel Ltd)

And the software, Why the software was created, and what it can do for you.

Also on the website below the video and Live trading results is the 3 easy steps required to sign up and start trading with the software.

Those are.

Register – Easy Setup – Big profits.

Really is as easy as one, two, three.

They guarantee a success rate of 84% or more.

Which is reasonable. we have seen apps in the past that have promised 95 to 100% profits before now and they have ultimately been nothing more than money grabbing scams.


According to the website the software has been in development for 2 decades, being refined time after time to make sure the results are good enough for people to see

At the bottom of the page, we see that they have put the key attributes that they think separate them from the rest of the crowd in binary options.

Which is a nice touch. they are selling themselves in the right way, rather than trying too hard to impress people with their gimmicks and flashy cars and mansions etc.

They really look at things in a realistic and honest way.

Which I have to say is kind of refreshing to see for once.

Normally I am very sceptical of alot of software and I wont even give them a chance, because I fell they blew it on the website trying to oversell themselves.





But what I liked about these guys is their honesty and nice approach to basically saying, its really hard to make good money, it takes time and dedication to be able to get anywhere.

And this is also true with most things, but one of the most fatal mistakes people make in binary options trading is assuming that any software is going to make you huge amounts of money without you doing anything.

This simply isn’t true, and it really does take alot of hard work.

The only reason I can do what I do now is simply because of hard work and dedication and always making sure I am getting it right, if not the first time, but the second time around.

Take my webinars for instance, I am always telling the folks on my webinars to check and double check the information, and if they aren’t sure. then stop and ask or seek advice, waiting for a few hours or even a couple of days to make sure your doing it right is much better than losing a small fortune, do you agree?


But to sum the website up it looks great.


I will do a follow up review very shortly about the software!



Trade Safe,

Catch ya laters.


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