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Click Copy Cash SCAM SCAM SCAM!! Paid Actors (??)

Today i’m reviewing Click Copy Cash or even better said click clone cash, this product seems to have two names, confusing if you ask me. However let’s not get our hopes up because by the looks of things this is just another scam. It was designed by Josh Owens and Tim Atkinson. It launched on the 17th of April. So I have had plenty of time to see the results. I understand this industry very well. When you gain a lot of knowledge and do your research you can really tell what is honest and reliable and what is just plain scammy. However this product software click copy cash has scam written all over it. I will go into detail why, later on in this review.

So, the video for Click Copy Cash starts off with a hysterical women followed by five or six more hysterical people all claiming that they have profited loads of money. Every single person in this video are paid actors. In fact one of the hysterical people from the begging has been in numerous product software videos. You will find that is quite common with false product software’s. That is why I liked Mike’s Auto Trader, because that video was genuine and he is whohe says he is. Josh the creator of the software then goes and gets into a fancy car and drives away asking us all to follow him. Apparently if you are on the click copy cash video it’s because you have been invited…. I highly doubt that. He then goes on to say he makes the money for you, all you do is just sit back and watch. This next bit is going to have you in fits, Click Copy Cash guarantees to make you a stupid amount of money, $1.2 Million dollars a year… Yeah right! At this point I turned it off as the video was dragging, not only that but boring and UN realistic. No imagination went into it. Didn’t capture me in the slightest.cLICK COPY CASH

Just say you went on to download the software. Which you can as there is links available on this blog to do so. However I personally recommend a different software. But that’s your choice. When you sign up like every other product software you have to deposit a minimum of $250 into their recommended broker, just make sure it is regulated. That way you have more trust in your software and your broker.

They say the customer support is fantastic but when you go on their web page to the ‘contact us’ part it does not have a telephone number, just an email address. Something doesn’t feel too trustworthy here. I also wrote them an Email, with the email address provided 2 days ago and im still waiting for a response.

I personally would not waste my time on this product software. And I encourage you to get in touch. As I really do have great advice on what product software is top in the industry at the moment.

Here at We take pride into every Review and Investigation. If you would like to learn more about the best practices to follow when choosing a broker, signing up, depositing and trading, please feel free to email us at or leave a comment below our Click Copy Cash Review. For more video reviews please subscribe to my YouTube channel We are happy to help!




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