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Cloud Trader Scam Review

Cloud Trader Scam Review

Hello all, I am going to review Cloud Trader now to find out if its a scam or not,

First things first we will check out the website and see what we think. First impressions of the website and I like it for some reason, its modern, its clean, but it starts to lose its appeal to me after scrolling down a bit.

It starts to show Facebook reviews and twitter reviews that are fake.


Alot of these websites try to draw you in with things that look familiar, such as Facebook or Twitter to get you to sign up.

They are indirectly using a well known brand to sucker you into buying their product!

however, that wouldn’t be so bad if the reviews they were publishing were real, now that would be ok, because then real people that have tried the software for real are expressing their like for the software through the medium of social media.

But that is not what is happening here, in actual fact the reviews are fake, and you will struggle to find the actual accounts for this software simply because it doesn’t exist.

The reviews are the result of someone playing with Photoshop for a little while.

I did like the website to begin with because of how it looked until I got to the bottom and seen that,


So at the top of the page we have the video, and the video starts off with terrible actors telling us how they have made heaps of money using the cloud trader. so that’s not great either.

Also through the video you will see similar video editing techniques to videos that have been associated with scams in the past, you may say that’s a bit of a long shot and speculation, but it is simply a little thing I have noticed. some of the scams that are done by the same people tend to have similarities, and this one is no exception to the rule!

One thing I found interesting about this website is that it mentions the UK and how people in the UK are making tons of money using it, but everything is done in dollars in the video and all of the actors are American,


so what’s up with that, it would appear that the website is using a clever script that detects my location via my IP address.

So I sign up using my details in order to see the software, and the software does look original, and they have this clever gimmick at the start where it appears a trade is being taken for you with a bonus $50 they give you.

Which you will not receive until you have deposited with a broker that has been allocated to you.

This one is definately interesting, and I would say the Jury is out on this one,

I will come back and revisit this soon I think.

It might be worth trying, My gut is telling me that it is most likely a scam, but the rest of it looks good and the software UI is original and not another clone.

What do you think?

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Thanks for reading,


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