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Copy Buffett Software Scam Review

Copy Buffett Software Scam Review

Hello everyone,

I am going to do another review today of the Copy Buffett Software,

This is a software that has been performing very well for alot of people, and despite its cheesy website, it seems to be one of the best apps around today.

Copy Buffett App

Copy Buffett Now!

The website is quite frankly awful, so if I was to judge this whole thing over the website alone, then I would be walking away, but I have seen the proof and it looks good. so I will now explain why this is another software that I will add to my trading tool kit.

Warren Buffett is the focus of the software, he diddnt make it, and he doesn’t endorse it either, the reason his name is used, is because the creators of the website have been following how the worlds best investors place their trades.

And one that stood out above the rest was Warren Buffett, Instead of trading out of fear or stress, Warren is a math genius and makes calculated trades based on real available data,

And the creators of the Copy Buffett Software belive they have worked out exactly how he calculates his risks when placing his trades.

Thus the Copy Buffett software is born.

Copy Buffett Scam Review

Copy Buffett Now!

As I mentioned before the website isn’t much to shout home about, but thankfully the software is original and the UI looks great, it is really refreshing to see a software looking fresh and new and not just ripped off someone else’s work.

So over the next couple of weeks I will be trying out the Copy Buffett Software and trading with it,

I will post video and text updates here about my results and how I get on with the Copy Buffett Software.

But I assure you the first results look great.

So if you wish to try it, check it out here,

If you would like to try something else instead then I have two more options for you to try,

We have Trend Xpert which is a great platform full of features and a long list of brokers to use.

The other is Social Tech Trader, Another great software that out performs many other apps out there.

It combines social media with NFP information which is updated live within the software. NFP being Non Farm Payroll information, Google that one, its quite easy to get to grips with it.

Copy Buffett Software Review

Copy Buffett Now!

Both are fantastic apps to use, and you can check them out using the following links.

Try Trend Xpert Today!

Try Social Tech Trader Now!


So as I mentioned before if you want to check back on a regular basis for updates on how I am getting on with the Copy Buffett Software then please do, I also welcome comments also, let me know how the software has worked for you,

Binary options can be quite a difficult way of trading that can be difficult to get to grips with, so please check my whole blog for a wealth of reviews and advice that can help you navigate the world of binary options.


Thanks again for reading.


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