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Copy Trader Scam Review

Copy Trader Scam Review,

Today I am writing a review on Copy Trader. This is a new software that has launched on the on the 2nd of April. So t is nearly 2 weeks old so let’s dig and find some dirt on this particular Product Software. As I always state in my reviews this is my opinion on the research I have made, it is entirely up to you whether you choose to download it. If you were to choose to download it please Email me at so I can hear all about your experience.

This Copy Trader Software is a free binary options trading app that is meant to give you profitable best trading signals. However we all know this is highly unlikely. They say you can earn money quick up to $700 a day. Even people with no experience to binary options, apparently by using there techniques you have a steady stream of money on a daily basis. They shouldn’t really guarantee this as this is isn’t something you can guarantee. Their customer care is awful, once you download their software you will never hear from them again. This is why I choose to write a scam review about Copy Trader as I have had email after email with everybody stating the same thing once you download it and deposit into their recommended broker, you will not hear a word from them again.

Getting back to the software itself their claiming it is free. Which is a lie because without Copy Traderdepositing into their recommended broker you cannot use their software. The minimum deposit is normally 250 U.S dollars. Let’s talk more about their recommended brokers, this is where Copy Trader wants you deposit money to be traded. What they didn’t tell you was that these guys are an overseas, unregulated brokerage that has NO ONE looking over them and your money. Long story short- once the money goes in… It usually doesn’t come back out. However we aren’t done talking about these slimy brokers yet… See here is something else Copy Trader doesn’t want you to know. They earn a commission every single time you deposit money into your account and their software. Say you deposit $500 – these guys will earn up to 100% of that $500 right back in commissions. THIS is the real reason these guys want you to download their software, so they can be paid while you suffer.

Do you really want to put your trust, your time or your money into a system that was simply designed to look fancy and draw in customers so Copy Trader could earn a commission? Of course not. These guys put an inferior product on the table that WILL NOT produce at the level they promise you that it will. They are all hype – and hype doesn’t pay the bills.

Copy Trader is nothing new. It’s not a fresh, new product that we have never seen before. There are hundreds of auto traders on the market. The web is completely full of these bogus software’s trying to take advantage of the hard working people seeking a new way to leverage their money and time with an online business.

Here at We take pride into every Review and Investigation. If you would like to learn more about the best practices to follow when choosing a broker, signing up, depositing and trading, please feel free to email us at or leave a comment below our Copy Trader Review. For more video reviews please subscribe to my YouTube channel We are happy to help!

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