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Digitized Day Scam Review


Hello all,

Another review for the day, and this time it is for Digitized Day App,

First look at the website and its awful!

Using Logo’s to claim links to the likes of Forbes, and CNN.

We should all know by now that they have no affiliation with anything like this.

They claim to be able to make you over 8 grand a day, that would be nice.

There is also a count up timer,

This is a bit unusual as we are used to Count down timers telling us to get in quick.

This one is reversing the psychology a little by telling us how good it is and how much money it is making every single second.

Which is apparently a lot.

So I put in my email to sign up, and we are greeted on the next page with another video that it i did not bother watching.

And more logos and apparent testimonials from paid actors.

So I put in my details to go to that further step!.

digitized day


And to my Dismay!!

It is a rip off of Virtnext.

They have literally taken Virtnext and copied it and pasted their logo’s onto it and changed relevant links so that when people sign up the money goes into their back pockets.

Suffice to say, I would give this one a wide birth, and not deposit any money into it.

Be very sceptical of software coming out at this time of the year claiming to be able to give you huge wealth and success with their software.

Make sure you stay tuned to my channel and keep an eye out for the dodgy scams.

And watch my reviews.

Also make sure you sign up to the real software that will make you money,

This Thursday in fact we will be trading with XE Trader and Virtnext.

So sign up now so you dont miss out on an awesome opportunity.


Trade Safe.



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