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Dollars All Day Scam Review

Dollars All Day Scam Review,
Today we will review the dollars all day app,
First we take a look at the website, and as per usual its the same stuff on a different day, The usual count down timer that does absolutely nothing to try and create a sense of urgency.

There is also apparently 1,094 video testimonials that you can sit and watch, these are actually quite funny to watch if you want to burn a couple hours watching weird people tell you their fake stories.

And trust me some of these guys are freaks.
They are Awful actors and most likely all paid a small fee to give their input to a god awful system.

So apart from the timer and awful reviews, what else do we have.
The usual sign up here tripe, and the pack badges that seem to pop up on a lot of websites.


So I put in my details and get through to another page that tells me how well I have done…
I wrote my name, how pedantic do you have to be?

And then we get more examples of bad acting and false records etc.
So then I put my details in again for another time and my antivirus starts going nuts again.
telling me this is a potentially unsafe website etc etc.
So I navigate away.
I will not be trying this nonsense.
And neither should you.

Avoid it like the plague.

These pop up scams try so hard to rob people blind, its a good job they make so many fatal errors in the process.
I would dread to think if one of these got it right but was still a scam.

Stay safe on line people and be sure to check out more of our reviews on what to avoid and whats safe and whats not.

Trade Safe folks.



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