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Easy Wealth Creator Scam Review

Easy Wealth Creator Scam Review


Well this is odd, I feel I am stuck in some sort of time warp, or something. I am pretty sure I have already reviewed this website, but how.. or when?

I think i may have figured out when and where but before I do let me tell you a little secret.

Sometimes when Scams are released onto the interwebs, people like me come along and just completely fuck up their day,

So what do they do, sure they might stick around for a bit and try and squeeze some more money juice out of people, but ultimately they go away, because they realise they have been rumbled,

But occasionally they will come back with a disguise, To put it simply they tear down the website that was exposed in the first place and then remake it into something else to try and create some new product to try and entrap people into losing their money.

It is literally a perpetual cycle of scams, and they wont ever go away, if anything they are getting stronger, and it will take alot of time and effort to go over each one.

But this one is quite interesting.. and by interesting I mean funny and quite hopeless.

easy wealth creator scam

Back at the end of last year I done a review for a product that was such an obvious scam I made a bit of fun of it, and my review got alot of views and helped my channel grow to what it is today.

Now as I write this my email box is being filled with more and more scams day by day.

One in particular email I was sent today was from the easy wealth calculator.

So I thought Ok ill open it up and take a look.

Much to my horror it was indeed a rebranded old scam.. but wait, they must have done something to disguise themselves.

yes they changed the website and the name.. ok but how did I know its a recycled scam?

Because they diddnt change the video… yes I am being serious they changed the website and the name of their product, but they kept the video exactly the same.

It is the one and only Coffee Cash Cheat!

The one and the same, the one and the same Coffee Cash Cheat that I told the world it is indeed a scam, there is no need for me to dwell on this any more than i have, but I thought it was quite a funny thing.

And I hope that nobody falls for this rubbish.


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Thanks for reading folks, trade safe.



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