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Elite Millionaire Scam Review

Elite Millionaire Scam Review

Hello everyone,

Today I review The Elite Millionaire App to find out if it is a scam or if we have a new contender to our very short list of decent binary options robots.

Elite Millionaire Scam Review

First impressions of the website aren’t too good I am sorry to report. It is filled with fake reviews and testimonials from paid actors trying to make a quick buck, and I reckon that’s probably what the people behind the app are also trying to do.

Parting you with your hard earned cash i something every single company in the world is designed to do, lets face it.

But normally with an ethical or good company you will get a decent product that you want or need in return, alas I dont think that will be the case with Elite Millionaire, I fear it will part you with your hard earned cash and leave you devastated that you have been had by this scam.

And its not even that sophisticated either, its a scam yes, but its such a basic one. New inexperienced binary options traders will want to get started, but want to start in the easiest way possible, and sometimes they will turn to outright scams such as this to help them along the way. and inevitably they will lose their money in the process unless they read a blog like mine and find out that it is merely a ruse to get you to part with your money to do nothing more than fill the scammers pockets!

Elite Millionaire App

The Website logo and everything else on the site is pretty rubbish If I am honest, even the guy in the video looks like a greasy bastard from a used car dealership that likes to touch himself at the thought of you sitting weeping in a corner after you have given him a years wages for some clapped out piece of shit.

Wow, that’s a thought that wont leave me soon enough, Anyway, The point of this blog, and the point of me telling you about this and other scams out there is so I can make sure people that are wanting to get into binary options trading are making the right choices and setting up properly with the right information.

So how do we distinguish between the good software and the bad ones, That is truly a difficult one, because alot of these websites look plain awful and are full of paid actors, its actually quite rare to find a professional looking website with a decent load of content.

Elite Millionaire Scam

So what I do is I will pick software to test for you, even if that means some of the time I lose some money along the way.

Thankfully along the way I have picked up some tricks to differentiate between bad software and good ones.

There are alot of clones and alot of scams, but their are some good eggs in the pile.

Eggs like these.


Trend Xpert

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Trend Xpert Especially is giving me a great return and its one I have used religiously for quite some time now.

And I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Thanks for reading my blog, and I wish you all the success in Binary Options.


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