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First Class Profits Scam Review

First Class Profits Scam Review


Hello Everyone.

I was asked to do a review of the First Class Profits website.

First things first, we are presented with the usual rubbish we have come to expect with sites such as this with the fake count down timer, suggesting that you are lucky,

and the website is going to imminently close.

Then we have the fake reviews, the fake Facebook profiles and the Logo’s of mega corporations that apparently endorse this system.

Also a graph at the bottom of the page with current profit/loss of their system.

Along with a current trades box with past and current trades.

Then we start the video and have a good watch of that.

In the video we have the normal paid voice actor telling us how bad his life once was and how he turned it around with this amazing system that he stumbled upon,

As it goes on we are greeted with the usual stock images of the amazing house and the holiday home and sports car and beautiful wife.



He then goes on to say that he is so confident with this system that if you lose he will personally wire you $25,000.

I highly doubt that but ok.

He also said he was a financial analyst for a brokerage firm.

And that he was up to his eyeballs in debt!!

Well, whomever employed him as a financial analyst in the first place should not have a brokerage.

If anything he isn’t a financial analyst anymore simply because he made it go bust!

but I am merely speculating.

But essentially I am not going to sit here and take advice from a failed financial analyst trying to push me some system that claims to be able to make me hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

The system also boasts an apparent 98% win rate.

Any software I have ever used in binary options that has ever given me a decent return on my investments has always had a win rate of no more than around 75%

These systems that claim to be able to win 90% or more of the time are lies.

There is no way a system of any kind can generate 90% or above.

And if it can show me where it is now!!

I see so many of these pop up systems and they dont last long.

The ones that are tried and tested and have stood the test of time are still around and still making people money.

So be aware of these.

But if we do happen to come across one that works well we will let you know!

Thanks for reading.

And as always.

Trade Safe!












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