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Free Money Guaranteed Scam Review

Free Money Guaranteed Scam Review


Hello everyone, I am going to show you quite possibly the most comical scam floating around, comical because of the video mainly, but the website is absolute crap also!

We have the usual stuff floating about.

The fake reviews, and pictures, and bad actors, and the countdown timer that creates urgency.

Bobby Anderson is the so called millionaire that’s practically giving money away for nothing with a no lose guarantee, that if you lose then he will personally pay you $100,000 if you dont make anything using this software,


He also says he quite frankly doesn’t give a shit what you think of him because he is too rich to care.

Like I said it is quite comical, and his porn star looking wife is also just as funny with seriously bad acting.

He is at least 65 and his apparent wife is probably 30, and there is no way she is with him for his good looks,

I hope he made her sign a prenup!


Its almost worth watching the whole video just to see her thrown on this cheeky little number.

Half way through the video they jump into their room and go at each other!

this video just gets weirder and weirder..


He also has this man servant slash driver that looks so miserable he will probably be found hanging at some point.

This video is faker than Bobby Anderson’s fake wife.

Anderson also keeps slapping his fake wife’s ass every chance he gets, better get their monies worth eh..

Also he keeps going on about his sob story from rags to riches, and shows us flashes of his apparent bank account showing over $62 million.

This guy is so fake!

And so is the software, because ultimately that is what they selling,

I can guarantee you that this software will not make you any money.

So what will work for you, what software is out there to help you make money.

There is and there is one in particular that I am testing alot at the moment and that is the NEO2 software, endorsed by Mike Freeman.

Neo2 :-

NEO2 is a nice piece of software using weather data to analyse the changes in climate and weather to predict what will happen in the markets.

A very revolutionary piece of software that’s for sure.

My tests so far have been jaw dropping, making my £500 initial deposit turn into over £2k in 5 days.

Absolutely phenomenal results.

And I couldn’t hope for a better outcome.

There are other software available too,

And these are in the following links.

Try 10 Day Social Profits Now! :-
Best Current Trend Indicator :-
Best Current Software :-

Each one of those has been tested by me personally to make sure they are all working great.

And I think you will be very happy with the results.

Thanks for reading my blog, and I hope you have great success with trading binary options.

And I hope that you dont fall for these silly scams that pop up, like the one I have reviewed today.






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