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Gold Digger Scam Review


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Gold Digger Scam Review

Hello everyone!

Today I am reviewing the Gold Digger Website to check it out and find out if it is a scam or if its legit.

Trust us to give you a trustworthy review of this and help you make profits without relying on any old auto trader.

First impressions of the website and it looks far too flashy with all the golds and precious metal colours.

Bars of Gold litter the banner. and the video starts off with a picture of a Golden Egg.


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The words ” No BS Instant Activate, No Broker Signups, No Email Opt ins, No Payments”

Well My best guess is there will not be instant activate because you have to deposit with a broker and you have to opt in your email to make a payment to that broker,

So they just lied on the first part of the website.

its also pretty badly written with the first paragraph of the website saying “If you put a gun to my head and ask what is the only true way to make money”

I fear that if someone got close enough to put a gun to this guys head, he wouldn’t have time to monologue about how he makes money before they pulled the trigger for taking all of his money.

But I digress… that is a little Dark.

It says that two young rocket engineering scientists from mother Russia have discovered a little know loophole to profit on gold.

They never actually suggest what that loophole might be, just start talking about the staggering 180% to 450% per week that they could gain from it.

they never lost apparently, creating robots in Forex and various other things.

What a bunch of crap.

Gold Digger Scam

Trend Expert Here!

I dont think I will be trying the software after reading all of this, its just pure crap!

rocket scientists gave up a life of things that go bang to designing software that traded gold? Fuck off!

Really does infuriate me when they try to add fake back stories and try to get away with their lies…

But this one isn’t even remotely realistic.

gold digger app

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But its ok,

We have another Webinar tonight folks!

Yes we have the Intermediate webinar at 7pm.

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Thanks for reading my blog guys,

Hope you are all well.

Catch ya laters



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