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Golden Paradigm Scam Review

Golden Paradigm Scam Review

Here we are once again with another website to review and discuss, Golden Paradigm, is it a scam or is it another great contender in the ring of binary options?

Lets find out, first of all let us check out the website. It says at the top that it is a Private invite 30 day trial, which is odd as it came to me in a spam email.


Under the video which we will talk about in a moment is a very urgent looking clock that says I only have 15 minutes left to register, I am not sure what will happen if that clock gets to zero, I genuinely hope that the world isn’t going to end.

According to the website if we use the G.P 3 step program we can make up to 1k per hour with this software.

A very impressive claim indeed, but is there any proof!

According to the video and testimonials that are on the website there is an abundance of proof! if you believe terrible acting and fake photographs taken from google images that is.

I for one am not easily taken in by such hype and therefore will step away from such nonsense quite quickly.


However, the truth is these scams are often fallen for by many people, sometimes people that are desperate to make some money fast.

But I urge caution, please reconsider using Golden Paradigm as it is just more satire in the world of binary options,

Its not real, its all hype, the actors are terrible the website is terrible, and there are too many websites like this one waiting to take your hard earned cash.

You have been Warned!


But for arguments sake, I will put in my details and take a quick look at the software they want people to waste money on.

Ah… Actually no, I wont bother, Reason being they have put a picture of the software on the front page already,

And for those that pay attention to my reviews will know, this software has been seen before, many times.

It is a Virtnext clone, the Same UI used in the Dow Jones software, Virtnext and many others.

It looks identical!

So no, I wont be putting my money into this, and i will be suggesting that you follow suit and do not try this software either.

I can say with a fair bit of certainty that this software will only lose you money and not be the golden goose you want it to be.


But before we throw in the towel and call it quits on binary options, let us take a look at some tried and tested software that has proven time and time again to show us the money,

Software that I personally use on a daily basis to help my bank manager be happy,

And here they are..

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I highly recommend any of the above software, Give it a go today to see it working for yourself, or check around the site for the reviews for these apps.

Thanks for reading!



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