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GPS Trader Scam Review

GPS Trader Scam Review

Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you all another website that was sent to me in a spam email, It is called GPS Trader, It would appear at first glance, that this website is an attempt to copy the very well known NEO2 software, and make an attempt to deceive people off the back of NEO2’s huge success.

So in this article will explore what this GPS Trader is and see if it is indeed a scam trying to run off the back of NEO2 or if it is actually something worth trying.


Neo2 :-

The tagline at the top of the website is “FREE GPS Trader App WILL Generate You $850 per HOUR Trading on Auto Pilot Free today in UNITED KINGDOM”, In my honest opinion there are two things wrong with this, First, the statement is most likely false, and will not generate this amount of money per hour, The second thing that is wrong is their use of capital letters, I mean oh my god, just look at it! ok my grammar, spelling and structure isn’t great, but seriously, look at all the wrongness!

Next to the video is the signup menu and then below that is a little about the app, telling us that members in the United Kingdom are earing $12,000 per day with GPS Trader. also most likely false, and I also suspect that if someone outwith the UK accesses this web page it will show the country of who ever navigates to it.


Neo2 :-

Further down the page is an about GPS Trader menu, that tells us that the app Automatically seeks out winning trades with global positioning precision, and the average user makes at least $850 per hour in pure profits, instant withdrawals direct to bank account, which is definately false, due to brokers taking on average 3 to 5 working days after all paper work is in order to minimise fraud. and it also says that it is impossible for anyone to make a mistake, and that satellite security measures implemented to eliminate all risks.

I really do not think for a second that satellite security systems can have any sort of effect at eliminating binary options risk, this just seems like an insane idea to me.

At the very bottom of the page is the good old fake Facebook reviews, also very fake, this is so far a complete waste of time, and I would not suggest anyone try this, it is a complete insult to anyone’s intelligence.


Neo2 :-

I will of course do a complete review of the website and their video and the software, within my own video review.

Thank you very much for reading my blog, and of course you are welcome to leave a comment.

If you do want to give something else a go just now, then check out NEO2 or OptionRobot, both apps perform very well.

As does Social Tech Trader, all of the links for which are below.


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Thanks again for reading, and I wish you all the success in binary options trading.


Thanks, Andy.

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