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Greg Insider Method Scam Review

Hello everyone,

I trust you are all well and looking forward to tonight’s webinar!

This morning I am doing a quick review of Greg Insider Method.

Going right to the website it looks somewhat professional at first glance with the animated background etc.

But it seems to be in a blog like format and on further inspection it is just plastered with loads of reviews from people claiming so much success.

Tag lines such as “Hundreds of Followers Quadrupled their accounts”

And claiming 100% success and 0% loss.

Already I want to close the site and call it a day, but the show must go on, because it is what I do.

Every fibre of my body is screaming SCAM Get away from it.

You might catch something!

but alas I must warn people to its scammy ways.


So that’s what I do, as I write this I still feel slightly sick at the thought of all those people that will sign up to it, that will lose their money.

I try to click on the video but it wants me to enter my email address first.

Hold up, I am not entering my email address to watch a video on your website.

It is not happening.

Quite simply because I know 100% you will spam the ever living crap out of my inbox to try and get me to sign up.

So naturally I shy away, I am not falling for these gimmicks.

Greg can take a long walk off a short pier.

As I say in the video “Go F–k yourself!”

However, it isn’t all negative today.

We do have a webinar tonight, and the tomorrow and the day after that!

So if you want to trade with me and use a real system that actually works.

Then sign up with XE Trader, Virtnext, Trend Trader.

And then fire me an email

It is important you sign up through one of my links, which you can find on my Youtube channel in the description of most of the more up to date videos.


Trade Safe.

Catch ya laters.





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