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Guaranteed Payouts Scam Review

Hello All,

Today I am taking a look at the Guaranteed Payouts website.

Promising to give 100% Payouts to anyone that tries it, suggesting a Guaranteed $10,000 a week!

Sounds far too good to be true, so we take a look to see if it is.


The website is plain and not much to shout home about.

And the video is making promises I really dont think they can Keep.

I got bored of the video after about 10 minutes.

so I decided to sign up and take a look at the next page.

When I did I noticed that the pictures in the reviews were exactly the same as the pictures of actors that had been used previously in websites such as this one.

I tried to find them in the usual places but I could not this time.

But I distinctly remember seeing this people somewhere else.

So that raise an alarm with me right away.

I went further into the system to take a look at the software,

And sadly it appears to be yet another clone software.

It looks Identical to Virtnext but with a different logo.

So I would suggest people avoid this software.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel,

You can trade with some confidence if you come on one of my webinars.

There is one tonight infact.

at 7pm UK Time.

The next one after that is on the 12th.

You are welcome to come along to them as long as you sign up to either XE trader or Virtnext or Trend Trader.

Once you have then you just need to Email me and then we can begin and trade together on the webinar.

Previous Webinars have proven very successful and work very well for people and we have had very happy customers.

So would highly recommend giving us a chance.





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