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Hedge Formula Group

Hedge Formula Group

Hello all, here is my full honest review of the Hedge Formula Group website and App, First off lets check out the website, The website isn’t very populated at all its very basic, there is a picture of a laptop with a video showing on the screen of some old dude with a laptop on his desk, its like laptop inception! It also says the video is streaming it really isn’t, It also like many others has a geo location tool to try and work out my position on the globe and obviously this one is showing that I am indeed in the UK,


Ok that’s all very well and good, but what is surprising is that the guy in the video then says this software is only available to people in the united kingdom due to a security breach, but hold on a second here what if I change the last part of the web address from /en/ to /us/ … oh that’s amazing it shows I am still in the UK but the video is now saying that the software is only available to people in the us due to a security breach, ok what if I now change it to say /ca/  haha, yes it is now saying exactly the same thing but to people in Canada! brilliant.

so that’s that lie exposed, awesome, the rest kind of unravels once you confirm one lie, like the guy in the video, is he actually an owner of this group, no he is a paid actor, is the HFG a real company selling amazeballs software? no it really isn’t, ok is any of it real, no its fking not. its a great big fat scam.


So avoid this one me thinks.

I wont even bother signing up to check out the software its probably just another clone,

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Thanks very much for reading my blog, I hope nobody gets scammed by the HFG, it is a complete piece of shit and needs to go away and die,

But you guys can stay and live. thanks again.

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