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Hoffman Stein Nexus App Scam Review

Hoffman Stein Nexus App Scam Review

Hello all, here is my review for the Hoffman Stein Nexus App,

I am not yet sure if it is a scam or if it is a decent app to review, but we will see. First impressions arent too great, the website looks like it was plucked out of the 90’s and the video looks pretty cheap and awful too!


There is also the usual sense of urgency around these websites, saying things like we are closing soon, get in before we run out of spaces, which as you know is complete BS, as they wont close their doors. too many software providers say the same thing and its getting a bit old if you ask me!

It also has that annoying WAIT pop up that gets in your way if you try to leave. so damn annoying, looking at the website I wouldnt trust the app thats for sure.

Lets have a look in a little more depth what they are saying.

It says one click auto pilot trading, so its obvious then that this is indeed an auto trader, there is no auto trading experience needed. and that the software does everything for you,

The truth is it is going to be very difficult to find any software that does it all for you reliably, and I would seriously do your homework in that respect, there are plenty of tried and tested methods of trading out there, you just need to find the right one!

But one of the things that is really irritating me is the fact it says they will close their doors in 11 minuites, but when you refresh your page it resets the timer.

If you are going to try and create a sense of urgency then at least make it a legit reason!


Other than that the page is very bland and ordinary, so there really isnt alot to report in that resepect.

I guess the only thing to do now is actually check out the software and see what we get!

Ok so after putting in my initial details, it goes to a second page congratulating me on spelling my name correctly, total crap, but then it says I only have 4 minuites left to register or I will get herpes.

So I will fill out the information, I dont want herpes.

I will do a full review of the website and video in my video coming soon!



Once I log in I am greeted to a virtnext clone, so bang goes the idea of testing this peice of shit, there are so many clones around at the moment, and its kind of cringeworthy to be honest with you, but never mind.

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