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Holiday Cash Bot Scam Review

Holiday Cash Bot Scam Review

Hello everyone,

The Holiday Season is upon us and it is the time to be Jolly and a time to bring loved ones together,

And not worry about the consequences of our spending until the new year!

But alas, Scam binary options software providers do not care about your financial situation and will prey on you year round.

And this one is no exception to the rule.


Holiday Cash Bot is yet another pop up scam that is ready to take your hard earned cash away with promises of mega cash making.

To make your holiday season the best you have ever had.

But it wont, it will leave you wondering what the hell happened and why your bank balance is worse than it was before.

So we take a look at the website to see how they are enticing you in, and they are no different from the usual scams that are around, the stock images, the paid actors, the fake reviews.

and count down timer to add urgency.

So here at trusted binary options I believe that if I am going to give a good enough review that I should take a hit for you all.

So I sign in to their system and take a look at what is on the next page, and surprise surprise!

Another crap page promising riches.

So I go to the next level to see what they have to offer, and its a load of crap.

The software made my anti virus go nuts and even put up a page to tell me to stay away and navigate away right now!

So the Holiday Cash Bot is certainly one you must avoid like the plague.

But the sad fact is people WILL fall for this system, People will lose money with this system.

And they will not have a very good Christmas.

So it is a painful reminder that you should do your research.


If you have been burned by this let me know.


Trade Safe





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