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Instant Wealth Scam Review

Today we check out Instant Wealth,
First things first, The website.
It is clean no stupid pop ups flashing up our way, But we do have the usual tag lines about how this can make you rich quick.
And then the video.
The video is more than awful, this video should be taken out back and shot.
The video has techno music whilst showing us a Bentley and an old guy at his big house.
I don’t mean to poke holes..(well actually I do) but Techno Music?
It genuinely could not get any more awful unless it had Ryan Gosling acting in it.

So we wont be taking any advice set out in the video that’s for sure.


As for the software its self, sadly we have been let down by the fact it is exactly the same as Virtnext.

The copy cat train has started again.

Virtnext was an original and solid bit of software that I was making good returns with.

And then this rubbish comes along to try and rip it off, and non surprisingly it doesn’t actually work,

So to me its clear the software has been reversed engineered and a few colours have changed etc. in order for Instant profits to cash in on Vertnext’s successes.

So in essence we wont actually be testing Instant wealth due to its hideous video and rip off style approach to “Original” Software.

What I decided to do with the rest of my video review was show people how to use XE trader to check the accuracy of other signals by using the trends available in XE trader to make choices with my trades.

XE Trader is a really good bit of software and its jam packed full of features to help you trade, along with human advice.

I cannot complain with their services that’s for sure.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Trade Safe.



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