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Intellix System’s NeuroTrader Software SCAM Exposed!!

The NeuroTrader Software created by Intellix Systems Ltd is nothing more than another deceptive binary options investing scam!  Created by a scam artist who goes by the alias of Jeff Blumenthal the NeuroTrader for binary options is nothing more than a complete money losing system founded solely on commonly utilized scam marketing strategies that are geared towards deceiving newbie investors out of their hard-earned money.  Throughout the duration of this scam exposure article we will shed light on all of the lies associated with this fraudulent and deceptive trading scam and provide you with all the information necessary on why you should avoid this system at all costs!

What is the NeuroTrader by Intellex System?

The NeuroTrader for binary options is the first binary options investing software that supposedly guarantees 100% accuracy with all of their investment trades.  In addition, it claims to be used by numerous Fortune 500 companies and this is the first time that such a piece of software has been made available to you.  Let’s get one thing straight though, there are no binary option trading systems, softwares or services that will EVER allow you to generate a 100% success rate as the NeuroTrader system by is guaranteeing you if you sign up with their system.  We can also assure you that there are many other scam systems out there like the NeuroTrader, in fact there are hundreds of them and many of them can be founded on our Blacklist Page!

Exposing Scam Marketing Tactics

There are quite a few red flags that we couldn’t bare to overlook when researching into the legitimacy of the NeuroTrader Software.  Among the first red flag that we came across would be that the website pitch video claims that their online investors and expert traders have been apart of Intellix Systems Ltd as a financial group since 2015 but as you can see for yourself in the image provided below the domain was actually registered on November 11th, 2016.  So now Jeff Blumenthal, the alleged founder of this scam, is claiming that their software has never had a loss since 2015 yet they founded the website in late 2016.  Something sounds a little fishy here don’t you think?

Another common marketing tactic used by many online scam marketers would be to offer you extremely unrealistic guarantees or claims, this is the most common lie implemented by scam marketers.  As you can see in the image provided at the top or below the website claims that users can earn up to $10,000 per day which is not only unrealistic but also just another lie.  Not to mention that most of our complaints have put the performance aspect of this software in the low 30 to 40% success rate area.  We can assure you the only results that you will achieve with this ridiculous binary options trading scam is the loss of your hard-earned money!

One last aspect that we couldn’t help and notice would be how the NeuroTrader is only offered with the notorious and blacklisted binary options broker BinaryBook.  BinaryBook has one of the worst reputations in the binary options industry due to their inability to execute withdrawals, having managers take over investment accounts without authorization along with authorizing your payment method to be over charged without warning.  Those are just among some of the nightmarish details in regards to BinaryBook and what would await you if you got started with the NeuroTrader for binary options.

What Other Websites Are Saying

Binary Options Gorilla- NeuroTrader Software is a SCAM!”

Broker Scam Alert – “Even a mere hint of the impossible 100% win rate should be enough to get anyone to close the scam and move on.”

Binary Scam Advisor – “Neuro Trader is a pretty recent scam software, supposedly created by Jeff Blumenthal…claims that it could make you $10,000 per day.”

NeuroTrader App Review Conclusion

The NeuroTrader Software for binary options is just your typical run to the mill binary options investing scam.  A pitch video compiled of fake bank accounts images, fancy cars along with unrealistic guarantees are the backbone to this ridiculous binary option investing scam.  Jeff Blumenthal is nothing more than a figment of some scam marketers imagination and the legitimacy and claims behind this system should be taken with a grain of salt.  Domain creation dates don’t match the claims made in the poorly created pitch video and many other binary option websites are exposing this software as another binary options software scam!  Not to mention they are affiliated with one of the worst binary option brokers on this face of this Earth known as BinaryBook, so we highly encourage you to stay far away from the NeuroTrader Software and any other binary options website supporting this system as a legitimate system.

We can assure you that it is indeed not legitimate and the only outcome will be the loss of your hard-earned money!  If you are looking for a more reliable alternative and proven method to supplement your income please feel free to browse our Recommended Signals Page!  Thanks for reading and make sure to return for more scam reviews and informative binary option articles to come!

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