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Lucrosa Review – Scam or Legit?

Lucrosa Review – Scam or Legit?

Hello everyone, I have been asked by a billion people.. ok slight over exaggeration there, but lots anyway, to check out Lucrosa, People have been losing money left right and centre, and for that reason I just had to check it out!

Lucrosa’s website uses a geo location script to determine where you are on our big blue marble and then exploits that by making it look like this software is explicitly for you and you alone, which is total bullcrap.


The truth is this app is poison and should be avoided at all costs, it has cheesy testimonials all over it, and doesn’t really look that great either if I am honest, it also says it has a certain amount of copies available which is again a load of rubbish, and with that said when you refresh the page that number magically resets so there are loads of copies available again, so please dont fall for that sort of stuff, its not good for you.


Sadly alot of people do fall for it, not because they are stupid, but simply because they are reeled in by the magic, because I have been scammed so many times I have lost count, I can spot these a mile out.

So I am doing my duty to you all and pointing this out, I literally had hundreds of emails from subscribers and followers telling me to check this software out, some because they wanted to try it, and others because they had tried it, or knew someone that had.

And were very quickly trying to warn me against it.

like I said before some people have sadly lost money because of this app, and that is unfortunate, but I cant help with that, but what I can do is warn future users against using such an app.



However recently I have been testing an app that does work very well, its called Prizm, and in just a couple of short days I had turned $500 into about $2500, which for a few days trading is very respectable.

So I will continue to use this app, and see how far it goes for me.


Lets remember we aren’t trying to get rich quick here, we are simply trying to make a decent return on our investments, and that is a decent way of looking at it.

If you want to check out Prizm then here is the full review –

If you want to try Prizm go here –


There is also another app that deserves our attention and that is Trend Xpert, it is my daily trader, and I have used it scince it was released, infact the same company that makes it made OptionBot and OptionBot 2 which were huge successes, and I have used them from the very beginning, putting me in the financial situation I am in today!

so if you want to try Trend Xpert, then go here! –


Thank you all very much for reading, and as always, stay safe!





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