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Marvins Secrets Scam Review

Hello everyone, I trust you are all doing well.

I thought I would do one more review of the day and that is for the hysterical Marvin’s Secrets,

I say hysterical because the video could not be more of a joke.

The video sound track sounds like it is from that movie where the chick gets cut up in the shower,

The actors sound desperate and they must be to be acting so awfully.

The video could not have been put together to be more funny if it was written by Mr Bean,

But wait! theres more!

The guy who apparently created the software is called Tom Cruz….

Three guesses as to why they chose to use the name Tom Cruz,

Easy. because it is a name that will stick out in your mind.

They even flash a couple of pictures of the real Tom Cruise, so it sticks out in your mind!

Genius!, at least it would be if it wasn’t so poorly constructed and stank of desperation.

I mean really people, my job is too easy if this is what your throwing out there.

But please could a spokes person for this particular product actually contact me and tell me how many poor bastards have fallen for this satirical shite.

I genuinely would like to know.

How much money have you lot scammed from people.

Number one, its wrong dont do it. give their money back.

Number two. the people that did fall for it… grow a fucking brain!

Alot of scams out there I can see how people are easily led and do fall for the more convincing ones.

But This??!!

Ive worn myself out typing now so I am going to go to sleep.

Stay awesome folks.

As always Trade Safe.

Thanks again for the support.





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