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Midnight Money Machine Scam Review

Midnight Money Machine Scam Review


What Is it?

Hello all, Here Is my review for the Midnight Money Machine! And its not a good review either sadly.

I received the link for this website in a spam email, so I thought it best to check it out and warn my readers of it’s presence. As soon as I went to the website I was greeted with a great big red page from microsoft saying that this website has been reported as unsafe!

Microsoft’s Smart Screen Filter in action there, It doesn’t really say why it’s unsafe, but it looks like peoples financial information may be at risk while using this website, so I think its safe to say at this point, Midnight Money Machine, is one you need to avoid out of pure safety if anything else.


What do we think?

If you navigate passed the smart screen filter and go to the webpage its self then you are presented with a laptop in a dark room at night, which actually looks quite pleasant. It says you can make $1,579,51 every midnight simply using this machine, That amount to me seems a little too steep, but that’s what it says,

I will review the video a little more when I do my video review, but there really isn’t alot to report on that.

One thing I will say is I am not really inclined to put in my personal information on a website that has been flagged as unsafe, so I am going to cut this review short for safety reasons.

I do not recommend you use this website, I would strongly suggest that if you are going to trade binary options you use a tried and tested method, and avoid scams such as this one!



What should I use instead?

I would highly recommend that you use ICE 9 Technology, possibly even with Trend Xpert at your side to help you place more comprehensive trades. I will also be hosting a Live webinar for people wanting to use the software. In this webinar I will be teaching people how to use NFP Information to your advantage when placing trades.

There are multiple ways to be successful in binary options with alot of people coining their own methods as the correct one, I believe they are all correct to a certain degree, and I only teach people what works for me, And if that can help people along the way then great.

But I think it is also very important to remember that also Auto trading does still require some intelligence and not just to be left unattended simply because of alot of changes that can occur in the market at any one given time, and you should be very careful in trusting any auto trader to spend your money for you.

So please trade safe, I hope this article is helpful to you all.


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Thanks very much for reading. Trade Safe!




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