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Million Dollar Months Scam Review

Hello everyone.

I trust you are all doing well.

Today we are going Review the Million Dollar Months website and see what it has to offer and find out if it is just another Scam.

First impressions of the website, it looks very familiar, but i cant put my finger on why. it looks alot like a few others I have reviewed.

It has the CNN, Forbes logo’s amongst a few others also, to give the impression that the website has been endorsed by these people, but I sincerely doubt that is has.

It has pictures of the apparent team, but the all look very gorgeous, perfect teeth, lovely clothes etc. but most likely they are pictures of models from a stock image website.

So I wouldn’t trust that.


It also has the fake Facebook and twitter reviews, one thing I absolutely hate, because most of the time, these screenshots of these social network pages often turn out to be completely fabricated.

It also promises to be able to make you 1 million dollars per month.

Once again this is a very unlikely thing to happen, Unless you win the lottery, and I hope you do, this app is probably not going to give you anywhere near the returns it promises, if you will get any returns at all!

It also has the count down clock, creating a sense of urgency to suggest there is a limited time or number available.

But as you will find out by simply refreshing the webpage. this script resets to show there is magically a large number available once again.

so do not fall for these gimmicks folks.

As I have said before, some legitimate software will employ similar tactics to lure people in.

But in this instance this one stands out to me and alarm bells ring because it looks too familiar.

They try to hard with the stock images.

And I just dont trust everything else on the website including the video.

Which you can watch at the top of this page.

I will also being doing a live webinar for some lucky people on Tuesday the 12th, Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th of January this week.

So make sure you are all signed up and deposited to join in,

The last webinar was a little crap with returns under the 50/50 mark. which is awful.

So this week I will be concentrating on helping people reach the 80% or above.

I am a sore loser so I will not let it go so easily.

I look forward to seeing you all then.

Trade safe.

And enjoy.





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