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Millionaire Trader Scam Review

Millionaire Trader  Scam Review

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and are all ITM by now!

Today I am checking out Millionaire Trader,

First impressions of the website are not good, my antivirus started speaking to me telling me I should really stop going to sites that make my computer ill,

But that’s a story for another time.

There aren’t any dodgy Facebook reviews, and I diddnt get far into the video before I was bored to tears to see if there was the usual stock images crap that we have come to know and love.

But they diddnt let us down with the countdown timer that resets its self with a refresh of the page.

And the whole get in now before its too late crap.


So I put in my name and email address and clicked Download.

There was no download, they lied. It was just another page asking for more details.

So I filled out those details and confirmed the form and……. Nothing happened.

This has happened a couple of times to me now, I am not sure if my Antivirus is over protective or if these sites are just that crap.

So I tried this time with a different browser,

Same thing again, Nada, Zip, Nothing. absolute rubbish.

There was a few things that made me laugh such as the names popping up on the side to tell me who’s just won some money,

And there were names like “Kermit” and “Zulf”

So apparently even a Muppet can do it!

Kermit exasperated

Which is a bit bizarre, But whatever, maybe there is actually someone out there other than the little green fella called Kermit, Who knows.

If your called Kermit let me know so I can apologise!

Ill even help you sue your parents!

But back to Millionaire Trader Biz,

I wont be trusting this to help me make money simply because they cant even make a website, Why would I trust their software.

Easy as that.

However, there may be other people out there who have used this and are having success.

Or perhaps the complete opposite.

if you are doing well, let me know.

If you aren’t then also let me know.

If there is anything you want me to review next then tell me and I will happily do this for you.

As always folks, Trade Safe!

See you soon!





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