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Mockingbird Method Scam Review

Mockingbird Method Scam Review


Welcome to Trusted Binary Options,

Today we will be doing a review of the Mockingbird Method.

What is the Mockingbird method I hear you ask? Absolutely no idea.

I watched the video all the way through and there was no explanation as to what the Mockingbird method was other than that it was a piece of software.

Ok so it must do something interesting to warrant the name “Mockingbird”…. Actually no. Its just called that because… sounds cool.

Right so this “Mockingbird Method” is it legit. Erm no.

The video is an absolute joke.


The countdown timer and the whole ” get in now before its too late” bull crap doesn’t do it for me.

If they had stuck with the guy at the beginning of the video it may well have gone somewhere, but the guy in the main bulk of the video made me feel a bit queasy.

He really does seem like the sort of person you would expect to see on rouge traders or some video about how someone sold their granny for a fiver.

I watched the video all the way through and the ending of the video was nothing more than a pressure ad to get me to sign up and click go IMMEDIATELY.

And if I diddnt the world was going to end or something..

So of course being the kind natured person I am I couldn’t let that happen.

So I put in my email address and…….nothing.

I was taken to a page telling me to put in my details so I could get started with the software, and there was no form to fill in.

So I changed browser and I refreshed, I disabled anti virus.

I also tried turning it off and on again, still to no avail.

So I couldn’t even see the software.

But from what I could see from the video I wasn’t missing out on much anyway.

not to mention I would not have tried it simply because of the whole we never lose attitude.

They simply try far to hard to get you to try and come in, So hard the guy in the video even seems like that if you don’t you will wake up with a horses head in your bed the next morning!


Dont get me wrong, I have no problem with a website like this putting together a video to showcase their product, and by all means use actors, as long as the information is accurate and verifiable.

I look forward to checking out a method that actually works and has a video that doesn’t have some intense guy trying to get me to sell him my kidneys.

So to recap, No I do not recommend even signing up to the Mockingbird Method. Avoid!

Let me know if you have already tried this and your results do not reflect what I have said, but also please let us know if they do!

As always,

Trade Safe.





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