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My First Online Pay Day Scam Review

My First Online Pay Day Scam Review

Hello everyone,


Andy here with another Scam Review.

This time for My First Online Payday.

A very Laughable software that needs to go right in the trash.

The website claims to be endorsed by the likes of CNBC and various other large news agencies, which it really isn’t. the video is not worth watching, as you might catch hepatitis from it.

The software is even more laughable with its two buttons red and green, pressing a button when the signal is at 90%, When you press the button it will start a trade of something, no idea what its trading on, and then you lose all your money essentially.

Scam review Online Payday

You do start off with 25 free trades, which are obviously fixed for you to win, if they weren’t then not as many people would go for the software.

So I went through all 25 trades to see what would happen, and sure enough I won all except for 2,

When I won those trades I was told that the profits I made were 100% mine, and that I could withdraw them, so I clicked on the withdraw button and another video started with the same idiot telling me I could keep the money I had just “Earned” and that all I would need to do is watch the video all the way through,

So I watched the video all the way through, and I almost fell asleep, but the long and short of it was, yes I could withdraw the money, but first I had to deposit £250 into the broker they were going to force me to join, and then trade another 10 times before I could then withdraw the money.

first online payday scam


What a load of bollocks.


Suffice to say I wont be depositing and I wont be trying this software.

I will stay well away from it, its so laughable to begin with anyway.

However I have been testing two auto traders side by side this week and they are Social Tech Trader and Option Robot,

Option Robot has completely surpassed my expectations and I am now sitting pretty with 8 and a half grand in the pot.

The Social Tech Trader is still going strong with a current 2 and a half grand at the moment.

So all very good results.

Trend Xpert is still my golden goose and continues to earn me money through my normal trading habits and I cant speak highly enough of any of these systems.

They all have their unique hooks, Social Tech Trader capitalizes on the Chat and Social functions, Option Robot is a decent trend indicator with other toys to boot, and Trend xpert is just a trading power station.

first payday wtf


So all very cool bits of kit and I highly recommend all 3, but if its just one you want to choose, then I would suggest trend xpert,

If your going to do a job, do it right.


So that’s my review for this morning, I hope you are all doing well and trading strong,

If there is anything else you want me to review, then let me know.

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