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NavStar Trader Scam Review

NavStar Trader Scam Review

Hello all and welcome once again to my humble blog, today we will be checking out NavStar Trader, to find out if its yet another piece of crap scam or if it is a software worth giving a go. At first glance I kind of felt as if I had seen this software before, and I actually had to take a look back on my previous reviews to see if I had done a review on it previously, I couldn’t find anything so if this indeed a duplicate I do apologise, but I cant get that feeling out of my mind that I have already done a review for this website!



Either way it does actually look quite alot like GPS Trader, so that could also be why I am thinking I have already done a review of this website, but never mind, let us crack on.

The website is very space age, with satellites and GPS maps to show the users position, I.E your position, Which in my case it is way off, it claims I am in London UK, and I am no where near London in the UK, but I suppose nothing is perfect,

One thing that catches my eye quite a bit is the bottom that keeps flashing up with who has won in the last few minutes, which is usually a fake script to try and entice people in, but sometimes can also be legit, it is so difficult to distinguish between the fake websites and the good ones sometimes, especially when alot of these scams nowadays are getting so sophisticated and emulate the real apps.

I can see how alot of new guys get hooked in, it is a shame, but that is why I write this blog, to try and stop unsuspecting binary traders getting snagged on one of these awful sites.

The website has wording like “Easy To use” and “Guaranteed Daily Profits” and that it is 100% risk free!


I can tell you right now hand on heart, nothing is 100% Risk free, so for them to claim this is already ringing alarm bells, there is no binary options system that exists that is 100% risk free I cannot stress that enough!

There is also a countdown timer on the bottom of the page telling me there is only 7 minutes left to sign up or I will be sucked into a black hole, probably.

One of the reviews on the website claims he is making on average $22,000 per day, this is insane money, and to be honest I dont belive it for one second, and that is what has made me now close the page,

I would recommend you dont use a website like that with such bogus claims.

Just trying to sucker in hard working people, it really is a shame, but I digress.

If you want an app that actually does work, and is proven to work, then check out one of the following links below, and dont forget to check back on a regular basis for more updates, news and scam reviews.

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Thanks very much for reading.




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