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Neo2 by Michael Freeman Is it a Scam?

Neo2 Scam Review

Hello everyone, Today I want to tell you all about another peice of software that I found out about while doing some reading on a Neo2 Scam Review on another blog.

Its a peice of software from a very prominent figure in the world of binary options, Michael Freeman. Neo2



For those who dont know who Freeman is, he is a genius when it comes to binary options, and his following of traders outnumber anyone elses.

and his experience and technical ability with binary options are second to non.

I read about this software on this blog.


Option Xpert also another huge name in binary options have nothing but good things to say about this new program, so I just had to take a look myself.

The website is a very modern and sleek looking website indeed with everything I would expect from obviously selling a binary options robot, and also from a modern well thought out website.

So I have no issues with it thus far, no stupid countdowns or fake urgency and silly things like that,


Infact it looks really good.

But of course its not just the website we have come to look at.

We want to obviously take a look at the video also and then of course the software.

What I am going to do is a two part blog, and video updates to go with them both.

This first blog is a good intro to what I think could well be the next best thing in binary options trading.

The video by the way does look good.

but I will save that for my video review.


Next up will be the actuall testing of the software.

The testing of the software will show us what we need to know in this respect.

So please stay tuned and get excited for the next installments of what could be the next best trading software of 2016!

First impressions of the software look good also, with a fresh looking UI, there are some similartites with this one and other softwares, however, this one does look alot more refreshing and clean compared to the others.

So its nice to see we done have another clone on our hands.

And I will definately be depositing to test, and I will of course share my results of this test with you all!

But if you cant wait to try this software for yourself then check out this link.


Once you have signed up and deposited please keep in touch and share your experiences with the software.


Thanks very much for reading, and remember stay tuned for an update to this blog and part 2 soon to come,


Also feel free to check out this other great apps for binary options trading whilst your here, all tried and tested by me personally, and they are all very profitiable programs.

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