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Nesdek Scam Review


Nesdek Scam Review

Hello all I would like to review Nesdek now, the website does look very professional, albeit with a crap video, and shit loads of logos from massive companies, which if you read my last review I absolutely detest, but there are certain aspects of this website that look very legitimate and I will tell you why further down.

Nesdek is obviously a play on the NASDAQ, It says at the top of the page, Congratulations! Now you can get 100% free access to the most advanced trading technology out there, watch the video below and start making thousands today!

On the right hand side is the login and sign up page, and below the video it says data is SSL and Kaspersky lab protected, which is a good start, I think that’s the first time ive seen an emphasis on data protection which is great, and indeed vital in this day and age of the internet.

There are alot of reviews dotted about on the website, and I am always a bit sketchy about trusting them, so I always tend to completely disregard them all together.

Despite it containing all of the things I hate about websites like this, it does look like good, and this would be an example to alot of others on how to do it right.

but I still cant ignore the logos and testimonials etc. I think in that respect I will have to let you guys decide whether its worth trusting or not, and I think this is one I am going to have to suggest people vote on whether or not I try this software, but before I do suggest that I wanted to take a look at the software first.

ND scam

I would try the software, except their clock on the website seems to have dialled down to zero and they aren’t accepting signups.

At least for now anyway, so I will have to come back and revisit this one soon I think.

In the meantime keep an eye out for an update to this one, and as always trade safe.

But if you are looking for an app that is worth trying then check these out!

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I have tried and tested all of these apps to death, and they absolutely blew me away in terms or performance and profit,

I can safelty say you wont be disappointed if you try any of these apps, but of course there is a different one for each occasion of trading, Trend Xpert for instance is a Trend Indicator,

Option Robot is a great daily trading app, and So is Social Tech Trader, and Ice 9 Technology is just outstanding as an auto trader.

So jump right in in try one of them today, like I said, you wont be disappointed.

Thanks again for supporting my blog, and continuing to return for updates and news in binary options trading.





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