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Option Robot Scam Review

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Option Robot Scam Review

Hello everyone, Andy Here.

I am going to do a review on Option Robot, Not to be confused with Binary Options Robot. The only similarity between the two is the name.

The other, Binary Options Robot is a scam and should be avoided, I will do a review on that soon.

But this one is a good piece of software that is working really well for people at the moment,

So I am going to do a full and in depth review of it so you can make a choice on whether you think it is a scam or legit!

So first of all let us take a look at the website.

Option Robot Review

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The website looks very clean and presentable, No stupid video promising the earth, just real information, and real methods behind how the software works, none of this wall street guru bollocks.

The colour scheme is nice and it has a definite feel of professionalism about it also.

As I said before there isn’t a crappy video with all the stock photos of cars and mansions and shiny things, which is a refreshing thing to see that’s for sure!

this is true throughout the whole website, with no banners and popups etc, I haven’t been this impressed by a binary options website in ages.

Next we will take a look at the Software its self.

I decided to deposit an initial 500 euro to get me started.

I was chose … yes chose cherry trade, I emphasise this because of alot of software’s pigeon holing you into using a specific broker.

I got a chance to pick one.

Once I did I went in and I was able to turn on certain currency pairs, and turn off other features I diddnt want.

And also I had the opportunity to set the software up how I wanted, it gave me an option of classic trading, I dont know whats behind that method, only the creators will know.

Option Robot Scam

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But also Martin gale method which is basically doubling up at certain times. to gain profits faster.

And also a Fibonacci method allowing you to be more calculated in your trades.

So alot of thought has gone into this software, and its certainly proving to be a good bit of kit, especially when it has an auto trade and manual trade feature.

I have gone now from 500 euros to an impressive 1496 in 3 days!

I would highly recommend this to anyone starting out in binary options and even those professionals looking for an easier way to trade.

There are plenty of software available for traders, but this is my new favourite for sure.

Check it out using the links below.

Option Robot Trusted

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I have also included links for Trend Xpert and social tech trader which are also both brilliant softwares if you are looking for something a little different to Option Robot.





So to recap, Website is fantastic, as is the software it is promoting.

10 out of 10 for sure.


Let me know what your successes are with this software.


Thanks for reading.





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