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Passive Profits Scam Review

Passive Profits Scam Review.

Hello Everyone,

Today I am doing a review of Passive Profits.

First impressions of the website and once again I am not impressed, however I have been proven wrong a couple of times with these.

Its not always about how the website looks,

But to be fair, there is also a lot of them I wouldn’t dream of touching,

So why am I calling this a scam?

Simply because of how hard they are trying to reel you in.

The fake face book reviews,

The urgency to sign up or you will burn in hell,

The fake testimonials with paid actors,

The flashy images to show you what you could have etc.

The list goes on.


Whilst its true some genuine software sellers might also employ similar tactics to get people to come in.

You can usually tell which ones are the rip offs and which ones are the winners.

And this one I am sorry to say is not a winner

It does not get my seal of approval 😀

I wont even bother to sign up and test it.

Its simply awful.

Feel free to check out my other reviews,

There is one particular piece of software that is working perfectly at the moment and that is Trend Trader.

Trend Trader is running very well and I am going to be doing some more updates on that very soon, so stay tuned,

But this isn’t about that this is about Passive profits,

The bottom line is that is rubbish.

You will not make money with this software, you will get your bank balance ripped to shreds.

So do not touch.

You have been warned.

Thanks for checking out my review, sorry its not a very positive one.

But we have to do the negatives too, sadly there are more negatives.

But at least now you know.

Trade Safe!






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