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Pearson Profits Scam Review

Pearson Profits Scam Review

Hello everyone, I am going to do another review, this time of a website called Pearson Profits, We are going to find out if this app is a scam or if it is a good software,

So let us begin by taking a look around, there is no way of stopping the video, you just have to let it roll, so I muted my sound so I diddnt have to listen the weasel in the video, This website seems very familiar to one that I reviewed earlier in the year, I forget the name, but it looks almost identical to one I have seen, I am sure of it!

Pearson Profits Scam

So that’s not a good start, it has either been ripped off or it is the same people trying their luck with another scam.

There are plenty of things around the site that piss me off, Fake facebook reviews which are nothing more than fake accounts posting, chances are the page they posted on doesn’t exist, and if they are so proud of their product, then where is the actual link to the facebook page?

Pearson Profits Review

I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these facebook pages to see if there any real content on them or if they are just all fake,

but I am still yet to see one.

The same goes for any other social media promotion on these website, Twitter etc.

But I have never seen a real one, or a link to their social media via the website,

Just a screen shot of apparent reviews, which in my opinion makes it all fake.

It claims to be an auto profit generator, and that they have 24/7 support and stuff like that. which again I dont believe for a moment, because any time I have gone into these fake software’s all I have found is I will be greeted by nothing.

The pages background is full of dollar bills, and lots of stock images that are usually thrown on to a website like this,

I wont be giving them my name or email address to try the software, its probably another rip off or just another scammy software that tries to lure you in with their gimmicks.

Pearson Profits App

One thing is interesting though, is the website starts off by shaming a broker,

A broker I have never heard of, and from what I can tell doesn’t exist, but I will keep my eye out to see if this so called scam broker pops up and I will add it to this review, so I will keep my ear to the ground and see if I can find out more, but I dont think that will be the case, I think like this website, it will fizzle away to nothing in a couple of weeks.


But never mind.

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Thanks for reading, trade safe, and keep yourself informed of the latest scams out there.

Trade Safe



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