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Perfect Profits Review Scam

Perfect Profits Review Scam

Hello everyone,

I thought I would upload another video today reviewing Perfect Profits.
First impressions of the website look good, no annoying popups.
However the “This offer ends in 30 minutes” was a little annoying.
I diddnt but im sure if I let the timer run down and then refresh the timer would just start again.

Anyway, I watched the video for a little while and John Silver told me about his amazing profits from this software and how it can help people not only get rich but also climb out of poverty.

After a while I stopped watching the video and decided to sign up.
Once I signed up there was another video beyond that page praising me for signing up and that I only had 6 minutes to secure my place!
Below that was some reviews from people that had tried the software with minimal deposits of $300 etc. and how they were in hundreds of dollars profit after a short time.


So I signed up to gain access to the app, and much to my non surprise it was almost identical to XTP App and some of the others out there.
Also like the XTP app I only had the choice of signing up with one broker.
I don’t being forced to use a particular broker I would rather have a choice of brokers to choose from.

So for the reasons of not being able to choose my own broker and because the app was clearly “Borrowed” from other sources I won’t be using it.
However I would definitely like to hear from anyone that has used the Perfect Profits software and what your thoughts of it are.
And if you have made some profit from it.
Thank you for checking out our review.
Speak soon!
Trade Safe.

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