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Phoenix Trading Scam Review

Phoenix Trading Scam Review

Hello everyone,

Today I will be doing a review of the Phoenix Trading Website to find out if the their system is a scam or if it could be a good piece of software to use.

First impressions of the website it looks clean and not too busy,

But when you take a closer look the flashy banners and clean look is muddied up by the crap in the containers.

Dont get me wrong the website isn’t full of random shite to try and get you to sign up,

It just has a weird fast scrolling banner telling us about all the people that have won a crap ton of money in the last few seconds.

Which is obviously a faked scrolling picture.

But The website really isn’t proof of the software.

Phoenix Software

So I thought I would give it a good look over to make sure that I wasn’t just dismissing a good bit of software because someone was lazy with the website.

So I first check out the video.

And that’s when I start to lose it.

The video goes on about making a fuck ton of money and tries to draw you in with the promise of riches and wealth.

Dont get me wrong a lot of videos for these sites do that genuine or not.

But sometimes you can tell the ones that try to hard. and this is one of those.

They have a live chat button but as soon as you try to use it, it says you must sign up above to use it!

Which is rubbish I want to find out more about the software before I sign up, I dont want to get spammed at random for something I might not want to use.

So I threw in my email address to sign up now and the Live chat button vanished!

and It was replaced by an email us button.. cheeky sneaky bastards..

they now have my email to spam away. god dam it!

Phoenix Trading Software

Drat and Blast, all of the things I said the website was ok for above, such as it being chrisp and clean was all a RUSE!

As soon as you put in your email address and go to the second page its all there!!

the shitty fake reviews. fake facebook.

And more videos that drivel on about how good it is.

I hate being played, especially by scam artists like these.

So Its made me angry now I wont be going any further.

I wont be trying this software,

if they aren’t going to be up front with me,

And show me the software or at least let me speak to someone before I try the software then they aren’t getting their hands on my hard earned cash,

And they shouldn’t get yours either.

Transparency is key in this game, and they failed spectacularly.

ok let me calm down and catch my breath…

Phoenix Trading


There is light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a software you can use to help your career in binary options,

And the best part is I will be along for the ride with you.

Essentially holding your hand through the process to make sure you are making money every step of the way so that you can get a good start.

What is this sorcery I hear you ask?


Sign up for one of these software’s below,

And Once you have email me (

Tell me who your allocated broker is or brokers if you use Trend Expert (I highly recommend the spreading method for this)

And your email and name etc.


I will then email you with details of our next webinar.

You will have access to my webinars every week free for life!

No catch no gimmicks.

I will be there to help you trade.

Sign up now,

You wont regret it.




Catch ya laters.











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