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Profits Now Scam Review

Profits Now Scam Review

Hello everyone,

Andy here with another pop up scam to take peoples money this festive season.

Profits Now is another wolf in sheeps clothing trying to entice you in with their video promising wealth and everything that goes with it.

But how do I know for a fact it is a scam?

I don’t but it has all the hallmarks of one.

The video is awful to begin with, and then when you do sign up with the software it tries to railroad you into funding a broker immediately without letting you look at the software.

I would rather see what it is I am spending my money on,

I dont know about you but that screams of scam for me bigtime.

So after watching a little bit of said video I got bored quite quickly and dismissed it quickly as well.

mainly because I cannot be bothered to even try and use the software.

I cant see the software for one so I wont try it .



Perhaps I would have tried it if I could see it, Who knows.

Either way if anyone has tried it and suggests I should give it a go to see what it is like let me know and I might just revisit it in the future.

Anyway, Enough of that rubbish, I recently unveiled a new plan for my little community that some of you might be interested in.

A chance to trade with me live during a webinar on Thursday evening UK time. (Times to be confirmed)

This will give people a chance to see software in action, and also get some insight in to how I have been making money with binary options trading.

If you want to give it a go then sign up to either virtnext or XE Trader Via My links,

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Either or, doesn’t have to be both.

But the idea is when I am placing trades, you would trade along with me to see how my strategy works.

Of course This is only going to be open to people who sign up via my links.

Lets give this a go and see how it sits with the community,

I think it could be very valuable to people.

And I think it will be great for people to see also.


Stay tuned!

trade safe,